Frequency Asked Questions

Where do you get the data?
Universities, governments, and some other web sites.
What is the frame rate?
The frame rates, as well as the resolutions, vary based on the cameras.
I have cameras. Can I add my cameras to your site?
Not yet. We will add that feature soon.
What do you do with the data? Are you tracking where I go?
We do not intend to indentify any individual. Thus, we do not know where you are.
If I register, what do you do my data (such as my email address)?
Please read the privacy policy.
Will you send me any email?
We intend to keep the email traffic low.
What do the cameras see?
Most cameras observe traffic or outdoor scenes.
Are you recording all data continuously?
Do you retrieve data from password-protected cameras?
Only if the camera owner gives us the password. We will not guess the password of any camera.