Why is camera health checking hard?

The Camera Health Checker is used to ensurse the validty of the cameras' data in the database. We are currently working on detecting if a camera is active or not; one problem we are facing is detecting cameras with dark feed. Our detection works by comparing the frame rate of a set of two images between an interval of time. However, if the camera's feed is dark (nighttime) the frame rate difference may not be significant.

Another difficulty we are facing is ensuring if a user provided the correct coordinates of the camera. As of now, we trust that the user input is accurate. Detecting the accuracy of a camera's coordinates depends on factors such as the type of the camera, the data provided by the user, and/or the data on the website of the camera. In addition, two of the same cameras could have two different IPs; this results in duplicate cameras in the database. We are trying to find a fast and efficient way to detect and prevent duplication in the database.