What is CAM2?

  • the Continuous Analysis of Many CAMeras
  • A system for analyzing streaming data built by a team of Purdue University researchers.

Monitor Houston Flooding

  • Network Cameras Application
  • Monitoring Natural Disaster with real-time data.
Ling Zhang was honored by the Computing Research Association for their undergraduate research with CAM2. Caleb, along with the rest of the Parallel Computing for Vision subteam, is researching the capability of modern object detectors to accurately and consistently detect objects in CAM2 cameras. He will also be presenting on their research so far as lead author of a paper for the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval.

Visiting Student to National University of Singapore (NUS) and Seoul National University (SNU)

Funded by an NSF Grant, Kent Gauen visited two universities over summer 2018 for one month each: NUS and SNU. At NUS, Kent helped in the writing of the NUS Human Activity Recognition (HAR) grant for wearable devices. At SNU, Kent further developed the collaboration between SNU and Purdue University.

Andrew Ulmer receives the Top Research Talk Award of Excellence in 2018 SURF Research Symposium